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We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE Your New AC Will Be The Correct Size For Your New Home

When choosing a new air conditioning system for your existing home, new home build, or business, it is crucial that the company you hire gets it right the first time. If the company does a poor job of measuring or installing your new system, it will cause you years of higher energy bills and your home/business will not feel as comfortable as it could.
The wrong size unit will be way less efficient and will make it challenging to keep your home at the desired comfortable temperature. Several factors go into determining the right size unit your home or business will need. In a report by the US Department of Energy, “It is common for contractors to install oversized air conditioners.” Improperly sized units, whether too large or too small, lead to increased energy bills for months and years to come.
Marlin James is the solution to your AC Installation needs. We have a track record that stands the test of time with 25+ years in business, an A+ rating with the BBB, a Premier Dealer with Lennox, and many 5 star reviews from very satisfied customers.

AC Installation in Brandon, FL

Air conditioning is in every workspace and living area. Whether it’s your house, office, vehicle, or RV. AC regulates the temperature by cooling the air and enhances the quality of the air indoors by controlling the humidity. Air conditioners have filters that extract impurities as the air circulates.
The installation of air conditioners needs to be done by experienced professionals who can do the job correctly and cost efficiently.

Procedure for AC Installation

You can install an air conditioner on new buildings as well as older properties with ineffective or out-of-date AC systems. The first step is measuring the space indoors to figure out the volume of air that needs to be cooled. You measure the length and width of every room in the building. After determining the total area of the room, you can calculate the BTU rating of an AC unit that is adequately suited to cool the room. The next step would be to choose an air conditioning machine that is the most durable, efficient, and economical, while also taking into consideration the reputation of the brand. At Marlin James, we have many years of experience installing air conditioners. We can assist you in selecting a machine, financing options with approved credit, then the whole process, as well as install the most efficient AC unit on the market.

How AC Maintenance Works

Routine service checks are recommended after the installation process to make sure the system is still operating efficiently, ensure fewer breakdowns, and give it a longer life. When we service the AC unit, we clean the air ducts, along with all other surfaces that could get dirty within the machine, which include grills, coils, fans, blower blades and the casing of the device. Any parts that move are lubricated, and the refrigerant is recharged if the levels are too low. Marlin James can assist you with everything mentioned.

The Best Trained, Most Highly Skilled Technicians

Our expert technicians are known for doing whatever it takes to make our customers happy.  Each one is drug tested, background checked, and you’ll even receive a text message with their picture before they get there to ensure your comfort level.  Our goal is to build the best team of technicians in the area. We hire quality people and train them ourselves. All of our service techs go through a four-year certification program.  Also, every technician goes through a continuing education program every year.

We stay ahead of the curve and up to date on industry standards and technology. We will make sure that you get the BEST new AC unit for your home or business.

No Hard Selling!

Many Florida residents expect that they’ll be given “the hard sell” when it comes to purchasing their new AC system.

Marlin James is different. We take a consultative approach—we want to help you find the right solution for your home at a price that is comfortable for you. We give you the most current information available, carefully evaluate your home with precise measurements, and then give you our best professional recommendation. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what is best for your family or business. Our service techs do not receive a commission, so you will never be sold to. You will only be consulted and guided in the process.

Many homeowners also ask us if we have financing options available for their new air conditioning system. The answer is yes; we can help you with convenient payment plans! For more about this, visit our Financing page. Subject to credit approval.

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