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At Marlin James, we always leave the decision up to you regarding your AC repair job, even though we are one of the best and most reputable companies in the area. We want to provide some suggestions to consider before letting just any contractor repair your air conditioner. Older AC units contained mechanical thermostats which were easily replaceable with a spare made for a different model without causing any issues regarding the functionality of the AC. However, this is not the case with newer generations which have digital thermostats that contain particular non-interchangeable parts required from the original equipment manufacturer only.

What to Know About Air Conditioning Compressors?

Contractors who are not reputable may charge less for their services. They can charge less because they import cheap electronic components for replacing the broken parts in your AC unit. These low-cost, unreliable parts can cause issues with other parts of your system because they are not compatible. Other than that, these shady companies do not have the diagnostic equipment necessary or the technical knowledge required to fix modern generation AC units. Using unreliable and mismatching parts, no matter how small, can result in your AC’s compressor breaking. If you knew how much the replacement of a burnt out air compressor would be, then you know you would be better off buying a whole new AC system.

Why Marlin James is Your AC Solution

You can see how our customers feel about our AC repair service here. Our 24/7/365 availability allows us to take any calls, whether it be a weekend or late at night. Once you explain your situation and provide the make and model of your AC unit to our specialist, we will dispatch our highly skilled technicians to repair your AC unit only utilizing the correct original manufacturer spares.
Since these are directly from the manufacturer, we offer a warranty on any spares used and will replace them with no charge if they malfunction within the warranty period.

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Red’s Club air conditioning maintenance contracts are specifically designed to ensure three things: 

  1. Save you money
  2. Maintain system uptime
  3. Extend equipment lifespan

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