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If you have been disappointed in the service you receive from other HVAC companies, then it’s time you give Marlin James a try. Since 1994, customer service has been central to our business, and we like to make sure every customer that uses our services walks away satisfied. We provide expert craftsmanship to all residents in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Pasco counties.

Residents in Palm Harbor know they can rely on Marlin James for the best service!

At Marlin James, our comfort installers and technicians are thoroughly trained before working in homes and businesses. They are trained on the Marlin James way of doing business, and they also are trained with a Lennox professional. After our comfort technicians diagnose the issue, they will provide you with an exact quote before they begin any work on your home. Our customer’s comfort is important to us, and we understand that when your air conditioning isn’t cooling your home then you are in a very uncomfortable situation and you need service immediately. This is why we are always available for service, every day of the year.

Our comfort advisors are available to discuss your HVAC needs and are very knowledgeable on the many common HVAC issues as well as the products that we offer. While some people like to try to fix things themselves, when it comes to the complex system and parts of an HVAC system, it’s always best to leave it to a professional to prevent injury to yourself or making the original problem worse. 

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Fun Facts about Palm Harbor,FL

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Did you know? The Palm Harbor Museum was once a family home and site for a citrus ladder factory, the 100-year-old Hartley House now serves as a home to the Palm Harbor Museum. It features exhibits highlighting the local, state and national history. Displays provide self-guided learning and discovery experiences for visitors.