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AC Tuneup in Brandon & Tampa, Florida Areas

We know all too well what if feels like to have a poorly ventilated home in the Florida summer season. We have developed a multi-pronged AC
tune-up to extend the life of your AC unit and make sure that it provides you hassle-free functionality when it is most needed. Our team of highly trained technicians is very familiar with the circuitry of most brands and models. In addition to that, we have the up to date diagnostic tools that allow us to predict future problems that could occur when your AC is working at its maximum stress level, and repair these appliances using the original spares.

Air Conditioner Issues

Your air conditioner pulls in hot air from the inside of your room, transfers it through a filter to remove any dust or debris, passes it over several chilled fans attached to a serpentine copper coil, then blows the cleaned and chilled air back into your room. As the AC unit accumulates dust and debris, its cooling efficiency decreases, which results in higher power bills. In our experience, the majority of problems occur because of not regularly tuning-up or servicing the AC. We offer comprehensive checkups, including the following:

  • Wire inspection
  • Fuse inspection
  • Analyze pressure controls, relays, and contractors
  • Cleaning dirt residue from indoor air blower and its motor
  • Outdoor coil inspection
  • Water drain plughole inspection and cleaning
  • Electrical safety circuit safety inspection
  • Lubrication of any moving parts
  • Thermostat functionality inspection
  • Air filter and grill cleaning
  • Louver inspection
  • Tonnage inspection of AC (in case you have shifted the AC to another room in your house)

Join Red's Club Maintenance

Red’s Club air conditioning maintenance contracts are specifically designed to ensure three things: 

  1. Save you money
  2. Maintain system uptime
  3. Extend equipment lifespan

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